A Solution That Works for Us Men and Women Who Are Over 50…

And Still Be Able to Eat as Much as We Want, Every Single Day!

Imagine if there was an easier way to lose weight after the age of 50…

Imagine waking up every morning with less and less belly fat…

Imagine eating as much as your heart desires and still watch your stomach and waist shrink away… as long as you follow one simple rule…

Not only is this possible…

I am living proof!

How I Lost 67 Pounds at the Age of 59 Using This Simple Protocol

Hi, my name is James Wilson.

I’m 59 years old and I lost 67 pounds using this simple protocol I’m about to share with you right now…

You see, I’ve tried everything under the sun – from eating a lower calorie diet to exhausting myself at the gym…

At 59 years old, it just doesn’t work.

Then I found the one-of-a-kind solution that can help you…
Burn away stubborn belly fat
Transform your body and health
And restore your youth… all after the age of 50!

Now, before I can reveal my one-of-a-kind solution…

I need to share some Alarming Statistics… for all of us that are over 50.

Our metabolism decreases by 25% by the time we reach 50.
Our bones and muscles become weaker with every passing year, and at 50 it really starts to take its toll.
We also become more vulnerable to physical and mental diseases, such as Heart Disease or Alzheimer’s.
You see, before I discovered this specific protocol that I’m about to share with you… I was the furthest thing from being healthy:
My blood pressure was through the roof
My heart was struggling every day to survive
I was at risk of developing diabetes
My muscles and bones were creaky and ached daily
I was groggy and felt like I couldn’t do the things I loved any longer
It was hard to get out and play with my grandchildren, difficult to even go on the peaceful evening walks I’ve been taking with my wife for years.

It was not the way I envisioned living my life…

The ONE Discovery That Changed My Life Forever…

The one thing that started to turn my life around, was when I watched an episode of Dr. Oz talking about the keto diet and all the weight loss and health benefits it has…

Being the author and researcher that I am, this lead me on a path of an intense amount of research regarding the ketogenic diet.

First, let me briefly explain what a ketogenic diet is…

It’s basically a Low-Carb, Medium-Protein, High-Fat diet that is specifically designed to burn fat in our body.

Look, our body uses sugars (glucose) and converts it into fuel…

However, sugar is not the most effective source of energy for your body. Therefore, we experience spikes of energy – and even worse crashes.

It’s not consistent and that’s why we become hungry again after eating recently.

We’ve Been Lied To.

We’ve been told by medical “experts” that a high carb and low‑fat diet is the way we should eat.

However, this produces a large amount of glucose in our bodies to use as fuel…

It gives us energy, but we become “stuffed” or too full and usually we become tired and just plop down on the couch and take a nap.

Then, all that extra sugar in our blood can’t be burned off through exercise, so our body turns it into fat, and stores it in our fat cells…

We gain weight, and end up in a “downward cycle”, because after we wake up from our nap, we’re hungry and we succumb to our cravings like cookies or chips or anything else sugary.

This causes many health problems, including high blood pressure, diabetes and obesity.

On the other hand, a ketogenic diet consisting of low carbs, medium protein and high fat brings your body into a state of ketosis…

The Ultimate Fat Burning State

This is the process in your stomach that burns fat and has been used for survival since we were living in caves.

It transforms fat into ketones, which are a source of energy that your body can take advantage of more efficiently.

Not only are you constantly burning fat every day because your body is using a more dynamic energy source, but you are also giving fuel to your brain.

You become fitter and sharper…

It’s like using premium fuel that gives you more torque and lasts longer rather than cheap fuel that empties your tank too quickly.

Now here’s the thing: our body runs differently than it did when we were a youthful 20 or 30 years old…

And that’s why we need to adjust the ketogenic diet in a very specific way.

Why a Regular Keto Diet Is NOT Recommended If You’re Over 50

Other ketogenic diets support a severe and sudden decrease in carbs.

This is not good, because we have been eating so many carbs all our lives that we cannot handle the sudden change in our body.

This results in the keto flu”. I knew my body would have a more difficult time adjusting because of my age…

You just don’t recover the same at this stage in your life and the keto flu hits you harder than the younger generation that have a robust support system.

For us, the symptoms are a struggle.

You could experience:




Brain fog and difficulty focusing

Lack of motivation and irritability


Many times, this causes people like us, who are finally ready to take charge of our lives, to lose hope and become discouraged once again.

We’re not told about these symptoms because we’re expected to dive in headfirst.

This stops you from finally getting the changes you deserve.

However, I saw the potential of a ketogenic diet…

So I decided to commit to learning everything I could possibly learn on how someone my age could possibly utilize the incredible benefits of this popular diet system…

Here’s How You Achieve The Ultimate Fat Burning State After 50

After hundreds of hours of research and trial and error, I’ve put together a simpler, more efficient way to go about the ketogenic diet, utilizing the right super fats while eating as much as you want within the range of the specific foods that I tested worked best for me!

Over the past few months of perfecting my unique variation of the keto diet, I lost over 67 pounds and feel years younger with the energy of a 20 year old!

I lost all that weight WITHOUT ever stepping foot in a gym and I never felt sick or experienced one symptom of the “keto flu”…

Instead, I felt energetic, I no longer had morning brain fog, I can think clearer and best of all, I can finally be the proud role model I’ve always wanted to be for my grandkids.

The life that this specific way of going about the ketogenic diet has given me is beyond remarkable!

And I knew I wanted to share this with as many people as I possibly could…

So I wrote a book on the exact methods I used to lose all that weight.

I sought out the #1 Nutrition publishing company in the industry, Nutrition Hacks, to help publish this revolutionary book called…

Keto After 50

It’s the first-ever, one-of-a-kind blueprint to get the BEST possible results if you’re over the age of 50!

It’s already been tested by thousands of beta users from Nutrition Hacks and the results have been OUTSTANDING!

Here’s What’s Inside The #1 Keto Diet System For Men And Women Over The Age of 50

The Keto After 50 diet is a proven, tested program that allows you to get in the best shape of your life while eating the foods you love…

All without portion control, counting calories, or starvation diets where you’re one decision away from throwing it all out.

Unlike most programs out there, it’s been proven to work on people from all over the world, with all types of backgrounds and health issues, including:

Bad genetics

Food addictions

Emotional eating

Blood sugar issues

Post pregnancy


Being Older Than 50 when your metabolism is supposedly too slow to burn off any extra calories

And everything or anything in between with tens of thousands of people.

The Keto After 50 Diet is designed to get your confidence back by working with your body’s natural hormones to manipulate fat loss.

But before we go further, here’s what The Keto After 50 Diet isn’t:

It’s not a low-calorie starvation diet that leaves your metabolism a complete wreck.

It’s not a zero-carb, unsustainable Atkins-style diet that works for a few weeks and then stops

It’s not some pricey meal plan designed by 24-year-old Men who can get away with eating anything

It’s not a program that forces you to work out 6 days a week where every part of your body is screaming in pain

…because none of these things lead to long-term results, and long-term results is what The Keto After 50 Diet is all about.

No more empty promises of 7 or 14 day ‘quick fixes’ – you need something that delivers results for the rest of your life…

Here’s exactly what you’ll find inside…

The exact, step-by-step blueprint to engage your fat-burning hormones with delicious foods

How to avoid all cravings, emotional eating and binges (and clear sugar cravings forever)

Why some people can lose weight no matter what they eat (and how you’ll do the exact same.)

Why plateaus keep people stuck, and the #1 fat loss killer you can’t afford to do

How to continuously break through new levels of fat loss, easily and effortlessly

5 key foods that zap stubborn belly fat (even if you’ve tried it all)

The 5 foods you should NEVER eat, yet nutritionists and trainers recommend them all the time

How to reap all the benefits of exercise with one ‘little known trick’ – without ever stepping foot in a gym

How to set your metabolism on fire every single day with 3 simple ingredients

The insider cheat code secret that professional bodybuilders use to attain new levels of leanness (and you can use as well)

On top of that, inside the Keto After 50 Diet, you’ll also discover ways to improve your health like…

How to help fight major causes of heart disease & blood pressure without prescriptions, injections or nasty side effects

How to increase your ‘healthy’ cholesterol, even if you’ve tried everything (and help you get off dangerous statins)

Plus, You’re also getting…

Two FREE Bonuses

Free Bonus #1

The Keto After 50 Diet Cookbook

Boredom is one of the #1 killers to long-term results, so you need variety in your meals.

In the Keto After 50 Diet Cookbook, you’ll get step-by-step guides to create hundreds of delicious meals as part of the program without complicated recipes or spending an arm and a leg.

Free Bonus #2

The Keto After 50 Diet Action Guide

This cutting edge action guide is designed to help you hit the ground running and accelerate the process of losing your first few pounds of fat.

You and I know there’s nothing better than seeing results as fast as possible, because it gives us the confidence to keep going.

Here’s What Everyone Else Is Saying About The Keto After 50 System:

As you can see, there is nothing like Keto After 50 on the Internet or on any bookshelf you come across….

If you ever thought about attempting a rapid fat burning ketogenic diet, and you’re over the age of 50…

Keto After 50 is the #1 Option You’ll Ever See!

Simply put, Keto After 50 is the #1 solution for ANYONE over the age of 50 who is looking to lose weight and be in the healthiest shape they can possibly be in.

And this gets so much better…

You see, I’ve had a successful career as an author back in the day, so I’m definitely not doing this for the money…

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James Wilson
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